Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

With my birthday coming up next week momz called to let me know a package was waiting for me at the Fed Ex distribution center. She said it required a signature. That's when you know something is good - when it requires a signature. Just like earlier this week when I got a notice that I had certified mail, and I went to the post office to sign it and get handed a $110 fine for the city for junk in my backyard. Well, I guess not all things that require a signature are good.

I went to Fed Ex and there waiting for me was a fancy new speaker system. The Sony HT CT-1000. I have been ogling speaker systems for the past week in search of teh uber system.

Living in a rowhouse with an exposed brick wall 6" behind the couch means surround sound speakers don't work too well. Also, I didn't feel like running wires for a bunch of speakers so a single speaker and sub is really nice. I'd looked at soundbars before so was pretty damn pleased to have the 'rents and g-ma get me one for my b-day. I have it hooked up now and it sounds good, but I need to run the wired through the wall all nice and fancy. I'm a sucker for seamless designs, so I don't want to see any cables. Funny how cables bother me, but the house is still a hovel. Go figure!


Ben said...

You got a city fine! That is one of my fears in this renovation project! When our backyard looked like the city dump, I was sure we would be getting a notice. Alas, I just got 3 speeding tickets from those stupid cameras while making runs to the hardware store. Ah... the joys.

BaltArch said...

Ah, city fines....I got 2 of those while renovating too! 1 for debris in my yard and the other for not having a top on an EMPTY trash can - it was a nice treat to come home to.

Speakers look sweet. Can't wait to see how the closet/recent projects turn out. Ironically, a walk in off the master is the next project I will be doing for my new wife! Guess the honeymoon is over, HA.

Beancountingqueen said...

Happy Birthday!

Corey said...

The fines are not a good thing, but my backyard has been a mess forever. I deserve it and I feel for my neighbors.

Best of luck on teh closet - they're harder than they look. :-)

NV said...

Happy birthday! Those are some bad-ass speakers.

Too bad about the fines. People have no sympathy for renovators.