Monday, November 24, 2008

Non-Productive Weekend

After spending all Sunday toiling on projects, I feel like I got nothing accomplished.

I worked on insulating the front door. You see, when I replaced the front door this summer it took many passes with the power planer to make it fit. Seeing as nothing is level in the house, and I didn't want to cut up the beautiful trim around the door, we chose to use a wood door and trim it to fit. Apparently I went a little crazy with the planer on the bottom, and opened up a sizeable gap under the door. I also used a very thin threshold, which resulted in water running off the door and into the house. Not good. Fixing this was a monumental task that involved a new threshold, more power planing, a hacksaw, and a multitude of other tools and the better part of a day.

The door no longer has a screaming gale coming through it 24/7, but I must admit the door takes a bit of an effort to shut with all the sealer around it. There are a few more small gaps to fill in better, but it got cold so I headed inside for the day.

I then worked on installing shelves in the linen closet in the bathroom. The shelves are trapeziodal in space, and again the walls are not plumb or square. Also, I have no idea what some of the drywall is attached to, because in my flurry of drilling I couldn't find a stud in some areas. Each shelf and support is custom cut, anchored and attached, creating way too much work for such a minor project.

Also, the new tub's plumbing was leaking and the coldwater line to one of the vanity sinks is busted. Of course fixing these isn't straight forward either. Overall this weekend was a frustrating experience, and unfortunately each of the tasks I started weren't completed.



brockett said...

hi, corey!
i really enjoy reading your blog. my husband and I are working on a rowhouse in butcher's hill near patterson park, and your posts are inspirational. thanks for sharing them.

we had a crappy weekend, too, of home repair. ours involved several trips to home depot on top of it all.

would you recommend your bathroom contractor? one of our next projects will be to install a half bath on the first floor. i think we would enjoy doing as much work as we can,m but the plumbing will be complicated. i'd be grateful for a recommendation.

good luck with the bathroom resolution. courage. brockett

Corey said...

bcrockett - glad to have another baltimore person lurking. :-) So what happened to make your weekend so crappy? Why not write a blog about it?

After awhile I forget how many trips a weekend I make to HD. I went there 3 times in a day the other week, and it didn't even phase me.

From what you say, I would recommend our contractor. His name is Chris Pickett. His company is Pickett's choice construction. I also used someone else to do my first floor bathroom, who was also very good. I'll also email you this info, and if you have any questions please feel free to email back. :-)

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