Thursday, March 12, 2009

I've Been Interviewed

Danny over at Urban Discoveries Living Blog graciously interviewed me. Head over and take a look. They have a great blog that follows Baltimore and urban life - I highly suggest following it.

While perusing Urban Discoveries I came across a link to Ziger/Snead Architects. A few clicks later I found myself ogling pictures of their Rappahanock River House. I'm in love. Or at the very least, lust. Make sure you check out the interactive tour, or click through the full slideshow.

Eventually this is the type of place I want. It is on the water, modern, looks like it belongs on the lot, and all that glass.... *le sigh*


Jenny said...

The pictures do not do this house justice(it's better in person).
I cracked up when I saw you had the pictures because I used to babysit for this family. Plus my dad built the lovely dock and retaining wall.
It's about a 15minute boat road from my parents Rivah bring Wally and the Queen down to do a drive by(in a boat).
p.s. I like the stained glass..saw it this AM on my way to High Grounds.

Corey said...

Jenny - That would be AWESOME. I just wonder how much it costs for a place like this. Any idea? I'd be happy with a place half this size, but the same style.

Also, do people like a place of this style down in that area? It is quite different than most "cottages", so I'm curious whether other people are into this stuff. Another modern cottage I like is Lost River Modern.

Thanks about the stained glass. :-)

Jenny said...

Start looking here

The modern style is starting to make its appearance but I'd say 75% of the homes are traditional cottage homes. I enjoy riding along the river and seeing how people interrupt architecture in their own way.

I wish I had money to afford this house

I AM IN LOVE with Lost River Modern! Earlier this year I added that house to my list of places I want to go. Have you ever taken a trip to Falling Water?

MarbleCity said...

The links provided were very excellent as well as the article was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Nice interview!



lauren said...

great interview. and yes, I will take one of those houses also.

Valerie said...

How very Howard Roark of you!

karly / design crisis said...

A Big Fat Yes to this entire house!

MissKarenAshley said...

I want that tub! Perfection!