Friday, May 1, 2009

Fantastic Fencing!

I found the holy grail of fence materials. Well, at least I think it's the bees knees. I went with a pvc fence material made by timbertech. I'll use this material to build the gate and the garbage corral. Monica commented to the last post with a fence style suggestion. She has great taste, as I had the same style in mind.

I've seen some other horizontal fences with varying board size, but a lot of these required applying lumber to both sides of the fence so you wouldn't see though the slats. This would have increased my fence material costs. Since I am using a PVC fence, I also wanted to avoid ripping the boards, and this design lets me just hang the boards as is. I figured I can do this design with a minimal amount of labor.

So why did I choose PVC over a composite or lumber? One reason is weight. If the back gate were double faced with trex, it would have weighed over 200 lbs. I decided to single side it, but 100 lbs would still have made it susceptible to sagging. A PVC gate will be closer to 60 lbs. Also, the composite materials (like trex) still have wood fiber in them. Wood rots over time, and can mold/mildew over time. Not good. The reason I didn't go with lumber is I didn't want to deal with warping, or the maintenance over time. And the real kicker of why I went with PVC? The local lumber yard was selling it for at about 25% off. Score! It looks sexy too.

I'm hoping to also build some custom 4' planters to hang on the walls eventually, and maybe build a bench on top of the 2' planter bed. That is if the Queen approves my plans. :-)


brockett said...

would you share where it is on sale?
thanks! (from local baltimorean over in butcher's hill)

brocketthorne _at_ mac _dot_ com

modernemama said...

Gorgeous! I may have to pinch this idea for my fence

Mrs. 5C said...

It looks great! And I love the idea of a no-maintenance fence!

Corey said...

Brockett - I bought the lumber at National Lumber on Pulaski Hwy (google it). I researched what I thought I wanted for hours, but after talking with the sales guy for 10 minutes he showed me the right things to buy. Without their help I can guarantee I would have screwed things up. Screw ups = paying for things twice, so I suggest taking their advice.

DawnMarie said...

Loving all the changes in the yard. It is looking so fabulous.

Anonymous said...

pvc = not sexy

timbertechs sustainable living link is laughable. (soy ink! gimme a break) They manufacture PVC products that directly compete with a product line *designed* to keep WASTE wood from being wasted/landfilled. They are also proud of the fact that they DO NOT use recycled PVC. The worst of both worlds.
it's probably on sale because they are gonna replace it with a more responsible brand. (fiberon? beats me...i dont trust any of these companys)

what a headache.

don't get me wrong - i love your blog - the house looks great....and your grandkids will get to enjoy that fence..haha

Anonymous said...

where did you get your really awesome glass tile for the kitchen backsplash? I'm getting ready to redo my kitchen and have been looking for something similar!

Jennifer said...

The fence design is very nice! Good luck.

vinylpicketfences said...

Gorgeous fence...I just love it!

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alex amarxon said...

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