Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Invasion of Grillasaurus Rex

We are back from Gallivanting across the pond and back at work in the backyard. The gate and garbage corral are built, and looking HAWT. We even got some inspiration from Jon & Craig's backyard and got some planters, plants and a fire pit for the backyard too. But the planters, plants and fire pit were minor additions. We also got Grillzilla.

We already have a charcoal Weber grill, but the Queen said she would cook more if we had a gas grill. We now have a gas grill. Now that I've blogged about it you are all witnesses, and as such this will allow me to guilt trip her into using it. Anyway...

We went to Home Depot hunting for a grill. I just wanted a small grill. Nothing too fancy. We didn't need anything with 43 feet of grilling surface, a 1/4 acre for a prep area, and side burners to keep my non-existent side dishes warm. But this is all Home Depot had. It was either a $100 piece of crap, or grills with saddle bags and sidecars. I liked a smaller Weber grill, but with half the heat output and double the price it was out of contention. At the end of the day we decided Grillzilla was coming home with us - the other options sucked beyond belief or required our first born child as down payment.

I got around to putting it together tonight and got about half way through it before it got too dark. I am damning it already. While it appears to be a fine machine I just wish it were half as big. I fear this grill will turn me into a meatatarian. I will try to resist it's urges. I may have to use the side burner to steam some broccoli. Oh hell, who am I kidding. I'm sure in another week I'll be using the sideburner to fry up some bacon to top my cheeseburger.


ethan@OPC said...

mmmm..... bacon.

Patrick said...

That's pretty much the same grill my mom bought (except last year's model). She put it together herself over a few days and loves it. Get's a lot of use throughout the summer.

Summer said...

we have a similarly enormous grill, and we actually bolted it to the patio (with chain). I can't find the key to the lock. It's there FOREVER. :-) I don't cook on it though... that's Matt's domain. I did buy a nice perforated sheet for veggies though. Makes it easier to do asparagus and smaller veggies without using skewers.

we have never ever ever used the side burner. oddly enough.

momnipotent said...

Can't wait to see pictures of the plants and planters. The grill will get lots of use, you made the right choice. First born child???

Jenny said...

So Leigh when are u whipping me up some yummy desserts on the grill? I can share my awesome recipe!

Corey...the only way I eat my veggies in the summer are on the grill. I'm glad you got the grill b/c the fire pit would never cook my "future" hotdog.

Garden Monkey said...

Wow, just got the same grill. Every time I look out the kitchen window it looks like someone drove a shiny new pickup truck through my fence and parked it on the patio. I thought that the side burner would work for veggies too, but it just makes more meat.
Have fun!

Paul said...

Great looking BBQ you've got there! I'm really looking forward to seeing it in that awesome courtyard!

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