Saturday, July 18, 2009

Houseblog Schmouseblog

While I should be in the backyard slaving away at landscaping and plumbing, I felt like writing a blog entry about Turkey. Procrastination is a beautiful thing.

While in Istanbul we took a cruise along the Bosphorous.


The Blue Mosque was also pretty impressive. The intricate tile work was amazing.


There were tons of stray cats throughout Turkey. This one was escaping the days heat in front of the Blue Mosque.


I liked the look of these doors. I'm thinking about blowing it up to hang on the wall.


While the Queen was smiling here, we were less than impressed with the cave cities in Cappadocia. They are neat and all, but after we saw one we were ready to go.


The cave churces at the Goreme Open Air Museum were much better than the caves at Derinkuyu.


The town of Goreme in Cappadocia was impressive. Our hotel room was in a cave. If you look behind the Queen you can see the valley is filled with cave dwellings.


While riding ATV's around Cappadocia we stopped to pet a horse that was tied out on a hillside. Another lady was stopped by the horse reading a book and enjoying the view. The horse wasn't hers.


The highlight of Ephesus was definitely the Celsius Library.



momnipotent said...

Truly beautiful, as always. From the grand to the small, you have a great eye. I took lots of photos of doors in Spain, I'll have to show you.

NV said...

OMG! Awesome, AWESOME shots.

Betsy said...

Yes. The photography is enviable. I love that you refer to your love as the Queen.

Amanda said...

Cool pics and vacation spot. Turkey is not something you get to see every day!