Monday, March 8, 2010

Life Goes by and the House Stays the Same

I should be full of stories of completed work on the house. But I'm not. Little things have been done. Even less has been documented.

At this point, we are in wedding prep mode. Or rather, the Queen is in wedding prep mode. In less than 3 months we'll be hitched and swooping off to Guana Island followed by a nice jaunt around the islands. Life is good. We even made time for the annual theme party. This year's theme was the Jersey shore. As usual it was a blast.


If you care to see more carnage, check out the slideshow. All this and landscaping needs to be finished in the back, crown molding to be hung, and a ton of other miscellaneous other tasks requiring attention. Life has switched gears for now but I'll soon be back in the swing of renovations.

P.S. I think I finally have the formatting fixed. I'm glad to finally have all my links back. :-)

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Patrick said...

great picture choice!