Saturday, January 26, 2013

All is Well

After living in the house for a year, it isn't really new anymore, but it still feels new to us. Some of the shiny newness has worn off due to some construction issues but we still love the place. It has been adjustment of not being able to start with a blank slate of a space and build what I want. I miss being able to rip out walls, frame new ones, run all the electrical, drywall, paint and trim a space. I don't miss the dust. I don't miss the mess. I do enjoy having more time. The extra time means more decorating and upgrades and less making a space livable and safe. I've also found my niche for decorating - art. I seem to get lucky by finding art on craigslist, antique markets, or charity auctions. Our ultimate find was a 4'x6' painting by Gladys Goldstein.

New York Abstract

The painting is an abstract of the New York skyline, and a label on the back said it hung in DC's Corcoran Gallery in 1969. Our first floor has something like 13' ceilings so it fits perfectly in our kitchen. We love it. I'll post some pictures of some other art finds soon.

During the past couple of years, despite less renovation, life has kept us busy. We had a trip to Ireland, including a stop in Galway where we sat on the grass and enjoyed this view.


We haven't taken enough vacations though, so hopefully we can make more time in the coming years to get out and see more. I look forward to more adventures with this lovely lady.



Bunny @ 86n It said...

This post makes me hopeful for our life after renovation too! Happy travels!

The Tiny Abode said...

The kitchen looks so sleek! The abstract art really compliments the space. My husband is a realist artist in Philly. It's a shame that I have sooo much art and very little is hanging on the walls. I'm feeling inspired to put some holes in the wall!

Corey said...

Hey Bunny - congrats on the new baby, and hopefully once you move onto the next house you keep updating a blog. :-)

Tiny Abode - You can never have too much art on the walls.

junaid said...

The kitchen is looking fabulous. The fixtures and interiors are of great style and value. The pendant lamps are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.