Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Follow Up to Glass Lust

The same day I wrote the post about stained glass transoms, we met with Steve from Wholly Terra. He talked our ear off for a while, but after the conversation was done we commissioned a transom be built for us. The Queen and I decided that it would be a joint Festivus present to each other.

Steve will make a custom design for us very similar to the design below. It won't have numbers on it, but will have the small circles and lines below the circles. It is single pane glass. We looked at getting double or triple pane glass, but Steve concinced us otherwise. Most likely it will be made in mid to late February. We are excited to have a piece of art that the Queen and I, as well as our neighbors, can enjoy.


If you curious, the cost is around $500, which includes installation. In my opinion, not too bad.


Anonymous said...

Just enjoying your blog for the first time and finding it really interesting. I love the posts I've read so far. I'm keeping you on my list. Will you except questions!! :) haha. I may need to borrow from your experience.
Betsy from

OH ya - and I wanted to thank you for listing us on your BlogRoll.

Anonymous said...

um.... i meant accept. ;)

Patrick said...

That's a pretty nice design and hopefully when I get a little further on my main floor I will be able to get them to design something celtic-themed for me. I definately agree that the pricing seems very reasonable.

modernemama said...

A huge bargain for a unique piece of art. I'm hugely jealous

Anonymous said...

Unique and cheerful glass, will instantly add character to your kitchen or bathroom. I just loved it.


Corey said...

Betsy - fire away with the questions. I found you trough AT, and have also been impressed. :-)

misssphinx said...

Congratulations Corey! Your new transom will look so cool.

Lisa Hunter said...

That's a wonderful way to personalize your home. I've long wanted to have a stained glass window, but I'm in a historic district and can't change anything, even something that could be as cool as what you're doing.


Marisa said...

Yay! Glad to hear you went for it and can't wait to see it. Everything he does turns out awesome. We always make sure we have plenty of time when we go in to Wholly Terra to see Steve cause we have such a great time chatting with him!

See you soon,
Marisa & Steve

Anonymous said...

Was pleased to find our blog. I've been meaning to publish a post about Whollyterra for a while now. I'd like to link to your comment when I do. Be sure to check it out soon at www.goforchange.com (a blog a out the inner green workings of Bmore. Let me know if you do any eco-renovations, i'll write a post).