Monday, January 28, 2008

Non-Buyer's Remorse

Does anybody else ever get a sense of dread over home renovations? I do. Sometimes I think of all the stuff that needs to be done, and it simply overwhelms me, allowing me to focus on nothing more than the enormity of COMPLETING THE WHOLE RENOVATION AT ONCE. It's times like this that I need to take a breath, work on a task, and then revel in the fact that I have accomplished anything.

I guess the cause of it today was a case of non-buyer's remorse. What is that you say? It's when you agree to complete a task yourself, when you have never done it, and have heard it's a difficult task in the first place. This task is installing glass tile backsplash.


The engineer in me needs to know EVERYTHING before I commit to a task. Not a good trait, but one that definitely causes me to heavily research any renovation project, making sure that I cannot only complete the task, but I can do so in the most efficient and expedient manner possible. I need to chill.

So to help calm the nerves I'm making a to-do list, and am going to finish scrubbing my wall with acid. The scrubbing will give me some instant gratifaction, and making a list of things that need to be done before refinancing my house so I can focus myself in the next week. I put my nest egg toward paying a contractor to renovate my kitchen and add a half bath downstairs, but now I need to pull some equity back out to pay for making my one uber-bathroom upstairs into two bathrooms. In order to maximize the money I can take out, I need to make the downstairs perfect, hence a list so I don't dilly dally on things that don't matter to my immediate goal.

Things to do before Appraisal

  • Finish brick wall

  • Paint kitchen

  • Get trash removed from backyard

  • Install backsplash

  • Demo my itty bit foyer

  • Install knee wall to change entrance

  • Install new light above entrance

  • Move electrical outlets due to foyer change

  • Remove crappy looking fake fireplace

  • Lay wood floors in living room

  • I'm starting to feel better already. Time to put on some Ray Lamontagne and play with acid.

    P.S. My pantry cabinet is now installed, the fridge has found it's rightful place in the kitchen, and I now have a functioning bathroom downstairs.

    P.P.S. Since Leigh is away most of the week on business, and I miss her, I'll post an old shot of her too.


    Valerie said...

    Omigoooosh what a pretty girl! If you want help with painting, I'm kind of awesome. Well, most any perfectionist makes a good painter, but I come with lots of experience, too.

    Corey said...

    You have lots of experience being a perfectionist? Also, I prefer totally awesome to just 'kind of' awesome.

    I'll consider your painting. application. Please send it to me in triplicate.