Friday, April 18, 2008

On a Mission from God

After slacking for weeks, making time for purchases rather than work, planning a vacation, and a weekend off-site for work there has been little accomplished on the house. It is consumed with drywall dust, and Cat is not happy about it.

This weekend it's time to finish up the main work on the downstairs and make sure the place is ready for paint and trim. Once the paint is down I can order the new 50 inch TV, and the furniture is starting to show up next week. Time to get to work!

And in case we didn't have enough furniture, we also purchased a nice mid-century chair and ottoman. We needed a chair, so figured it was worth it to get antique chair, as opposed to a new one that is boring and is devalued as soon as it shows up on the doorstep. In about three weeks, expect pictures of a swanky looking downstairs. The hardwood floors won't be in until after the upstairs is at least demo'd, but other than that the downstairs will be almost complete.

P.S. The cottage sold, so no more dreaming about it. :(


post pike said...

I just found your blog and I feel your pain already, after having worked on our renovation for only two weeks! Compounded with months of searching for the house, though, it seems like much longer. We're in Parkville and not nearly as far along as you... Thanks for all of the Baltimore links!

Corey said...

Thanks for the link to the restoration hardware warehouse!

And if you didn't have much patience before renovating a house, you'll learn to have it. When renovating a house everything takes at least twice as long as you think it should. :-P