Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Swathchy McSwatcherson

Wanderluster inspired me with her swatches. To show off the main living space downstairs I threw together some pictures of the things we've purchased (though most haven't been delivered.


  • Top-Right. Hungarian shelves - since the Lack hack didn't work so well, and the walls are a bit out of plumb I figured these would work. And they are less work than other shelves. They will be painted white.

  • Bottom-Right. Arielle cocktail ottoman from Macy's. We special ordered one in white, which takes 26 weeks (woah!) to get here. We liked this ottoman better than the Corona ottoman, as it's aspect ratio will fit the rowhouse better.

  • Bottom-Left. Corona sofa in pear color from Macy's. We loved the mid-century modern look, it was comfy, and most importantly was on sale for $650. Score!

  • Top-Left. Captiva Mango Table from Arhaus. I know I've mentioned it before, but since we haven't had it delivered yet I wanted to drool at more pictures of it.

  • Middle. While the chairs that are shown w/ the mango table are nice, we thought some white chairs would make it look ever better. That and the chairs are Ikea and don't break the bank too badly.

  • We are currently on the hunt for another mid-century modern chair w/ ottoman - hopefully one shows up on craigslist or ebay.


    Todd said...

    Great site! I'm an engineer as well and I enjoy reading blogs like yours. Check mine out sometime..maybe we could swap links.

    Wanderluster said...

    Nice! Like the mid-century vibe you've got going. Really like the tufting on the sofa and ottoman.

    Corey said...

    Hey Todd - checked out your site, and it looks like you are knee deep in landscape stuff. I used to be a landscaper, so hopefully I can help out in that area.

    And, you've been linked. :)

    Luster - We've been crusing on it too. The chair we got also has tufting, so the place is going to look totally HAWT.