Monday, May 26, 2008

Die Wall, Die!


This is what happens when you forget to add some thingamabobbers behind the wall before drywalling and have to cut a hole into your newly painted wall. The 50" uber TV will be mounted this week!

We also ordered the hardwood floors. It will take until Mid-July to arrive, but we think it's worth it. Check out it's Imperial Teak hawtness. We had talked about Brazilian Cherry before but thought they may be a bit too red'ish for my tastes. After that we liked Brazilian Walnut, but the teak was a little bit cheaper, less red, and we just liked the grain better. Who knows, maybe we'll change our mind in another week because we're finicky like that.

The Queen's brother helped out this weekend by painting the ceiling. He succesfully coated the ceiling, and his face with paint splatter. He did a great job on both accounts, and his help was greatly appreciated. :-)

Gratuitous Loki shot!



Jennifer said...

Hello! Love your blog because, we too, own a row house we are rehabbing...yet in Chicago.

I am curious where you will put the components for the TV, and such, as we have a very similar set-up in our living room and are at a loss.

Are the shelves you installed deep enough, or will thet go elsewhere?

Love what you did with the kitchen! That is our current 'project.'

We went with the Brazilian Walnut on our floors, but the Teak was in the running...It's awesome! (We got a deal on the walnut.)


Corey said...

Hi Jennifer,

The Queen and I are both Midwesterners, and she is from Chicago area, so we have a soft spot for your city. :-)

As for the components they will be going in our Ikea Tobo just to the right of the fireplace. A picture of it is in this post:

The shelves are 8-9" deep, not deep enough for electronics, so we selected the Tobo because it has a frosted glass panel to allow IR signals from the remote to pass through it. I think it is 19" deep - allowing all of your componentry goodness. In hindsight, I wish I would have just bought a MCM credenza and modded it to have some open storage, but the Tobo will work.

The orange thingamabobber in my hand above is going into the wall to connect some plastic conduit that runs from behind the tobo to the tv. All wires and components will now be hidden from view, so no clutter.

Where are the pictures of the floors?!?! :-)

Ethan said...

Getting the TV mounted will be awesome! I get pumped just reading about it! We looked at the Braz. Teak too. LL had a patch installed in their showroom floor and it sorta looked a little grayer that we wanted. I'm picking up my hardwoods this week. I'll try to get a post / picture up soon so you can check out the walnut.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the explanation...I think it'll be great when it's done.

Too bad you live so far husband is a low-voltage electrician and could help you with the 'thingamobobber.' ;)

Anywho...I feel bad, because I read so many blogs and have failed to post anything on mine. If you're interested, you can check out our progress here:

There are pics of the floors there.

Corey said...

Ethan - looking forward to seeing the pictures. The drywall is all patched up, so hopefully my friend can stop by and help me mount the TV. The thing weighs a ton.

Jennifer - Looking good!