Monday, August 4, 2008

Ding Dong the Toilet's Gone

The Queen is all moved in. Renovations are nowhere near done. Boxes fill the second bedroom and furniture overflows the house. With things piling up I tackled the project of removing the throne in the basement. A toilet sat in the middle of the room with no walls around it. The plumbing wasn't built into the floor causing the toilet to hover over the rest of the space like a holy throne. While it was a lovely sight to behold, it took up valuable storage space. After 3-4 trips to the hardware store to get the correct plumbing supplies the toilet is gone and the plumbing is all capped off. I'll build some benches in the back and this will be an extra area for storage.

It is so difficult to live in a rowhouse while renovating it. The small space, coupled with an open floorplan mean keeping the place clean and tidy is near impossible. When more than two people are working, it's almost mandatory for people to be in at least two rooms. This means tools, building supplies, and messes are scattered through the house. Also, nobody tells you that when you are doing a DIY project the amount of stuff you have to buy. Not just tools. The house is filled with 3 different kids of drywall, 5 different plywoods/OSB, and a plethora of drywall, painting and miscellaneous building knick knacks. All necessary and all taking up precious space.

Tonight I am picking up even more building supplies - 15'ish sheets of plywood. Joy!

In all honesty, this post was just made to move the last post down the page and out of sight.


Heidi said...

I love your blog!!! I live in a duplex in Towson, but it is set up like a rowhouse. Unfortunately, I have the same random toilet in my basement. Really, there are no walls around it and it is in the middle of the room. I tell my husband that it is his man room. In the year we have been living here I have yet to use that toilet and I hope I never do.

misssphinx said...

I hear ya, Corey. We've got extra drywall hanging out in the hallway. What on earth are we going to do with it?

Carolyn (Sea Mystery) said...

Thank goodness my landlord, who is supposed to be redoing my bathroom after demolishing it, keeps the drywall and stuff next door in the vacant apartment. My apartment is tiny enough and I would be totally freaking out! Glad to hear it's all coming along for you and the Queen though.

Lee said...

your description of yourself sounds just like me.

Except I'm starting reno on a Philly Row House.