Thursday, January 8, 2009

Basement Update

I came home from work early to deal with B-dry and our basement water issue. When they came in I pointed to their newly done area, only for them to point out my sump pump wasn't working. It had come unplugged. I felt like a complete dolt whe they pointed at the home's deficiency, but was pleased when they volunteered to wire an extra outlet to make sure the sump didn't come unplugged for no charge. I'm a pro at wiring outlets, but I appreciated their willingness to please when they had no obligation to do so.

On a separate note, the Queen and I have been working like dogs from the time we get home until at least 10 each night. Things have been busy, but at least we're making progress. :-)


Anonymous said...

Aha .... that sump pump must be a family thing. Glad we could share. At least yours did not have to be replaced! :-)

The house is looking good!

the 'rents

momnipotent said...

I retract that "knucklehead" comment. Keep up the great work, keep the updates coming.

Govindan said...

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