Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The List

As we head down the home stretch to the appraisal, we've created a list on the chalkboard in the kitchen. The Queen loves lists, as it feels great to cross things off upon completion. To me, they are a bit overwhelming, but I understand their necessity.


I don't like having contractors do much work at all, as I am usually disappointed with the quality/cost ratio, but with a deadline looming we need a bit of help.


OM said...

With all due respect to the sanctity of a kitchen, I wouldn't have been able to pass a chalkboard without drawing something bad. I think I wasn't punished enough in high school.

RehabOrDie said...

We used a white board, but this sure looks familiar.

BTW, we agree with you. I can screw up just as well as a contractor and the difference is that I can and will catch it and fix it...for free.

I'm not saying that we didn't have some good, and even great contractors, but I am saying that there's nothing that we did that we wished we'd had a contractor do.