Thursday, July 24, 2008

Etsy Lust

If I could, I think I'd fill the house with all things etsy. It's a great place for good cheap art, pottery, or whatever assorted knick knacks that your inner consumerist desires. While I don't have a need for their stuff, I do have a want for it. So that leaves me filled with etsy lust.

(click the pics for links to the etsy sites)

I'm sure my male friends would think me a wee bit effeminate for liking this stuff. I'm ok with this. Is it so wrong that I prefer things like etsy, Project Runway and HGTV to fantasy football, baseball and action movies? My old football and rugby teammates would laugh if they could see me now...

    + + +

My DVD set of Mad Men showed up. I watched the first couple of episodes last season, before losing track of it. This show is one of my all time fave shows up there with HBO's The Wire.

I can't wait to see the new season starting this Sunday.


Señor RAR said...

Wow, good to see I'm not alone.

Tom said...

Damn you, now I'm browsing Etsy and DVRing Mad Men instead of working :) Aren't you quite the influencer. Btw, nice to see you back on 600block!

Why S? said...

There's nothing wrong with a man of discriminating taste.