Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Queen Takes Her Throne

Or at least sells her cottage...

While Baltimore Rowhouse goes through a painfully sllooooooow renovation the Queen's condo has been on the market. 130 days after putting it on the market, it now has a contract on it. Woohoo!

Maybe I should finish the upstairs bathroom for the Queen's imminent arrival. :-)

*edit - I should spell check more often


Momnipotent said...

Yes, it would be most prudent to finish the bathroom, or her arrival may not be so imminent. How about a closet a la "Sex and the City"?

Jennifer said...

I read through your whole blog, and holy crap! I love that kitchen!!!!!

sea mystery said...

Found your blog through a comment you made on Kim's One Woman's Cottage Life. I also live in Baltimore and have my own blog at:

I'm just getting started but enjoying it. Great job you've done on the renovation. Enjoy reading and looking at all the photos. Will link your blog in my favorites.

Baltimore Quote: See you around downtown! :)

sea mystery said...

Darn! That should have been

I put an extra "N" in by mistake.

Corey said...

momnipotent - the Queen knows she gets to design her closet, and I am adding another one for her. Of course neither are the size of Carrie's closet unless I want to convert the second bedroom into a closet.