Sunday, April 3, 2011

King Sized Bed Leads to Massive Upheaval

When you last saw the bedroom, it looked like this.


While we definitely finished it off after that, and promptly forgot to take pictures, we then moved on to the next project. For years we lusted after king sized beds, but didn't think one would fit. We found a way around this and took the plunge. This started a massive upheaval in the bedroom design... Now that the house is pretty well done our style has shifted away from purely modern, and more toward something cozier. For the bedroom, the Queen was inspired by Restoration Hardware. We quickly tired of the bright blue wall and wanted something calming, so she picked the color palette from there, and we DIY'd a few pieces from there. Here is the inspiration.


And here is our final product.



Even Wally approves, and in this photo there is also a sneak peak of a future blog post... We even took time to finally put up crown molding.


We copied the headboard from the Wallace Headboard and redid a couple of dressers we snagged from craigslist to mimic the Zinc Dresser. I thought about making a bedframe myself, but decided it would be too much work so we bought the narrow leg bed frame from west elm.


While the bedding is actually from Restoration HW, it was on sale so we didn't feel too bad about it. :-) The Queen also picked up a new mirror from Home Goods, which matched the paint color and style perfectly. We also took the plunge and decided to paint our mantle the same color as the wall, and we are extremely pleased with the decision.


For the next post we'll talk a little bit more about the headboard and our restoration of the dressers. Both projects took quite a bit of time, but at a price savings of $4,200 off Restoration Hardware we are quite pleased. We are also waiting for a huge 50" x 35" vintage map of Istanbul that will be placed over the bed. Once the map is in place this room is considered complete.


Timothy D said...
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momnipotent said...

It is beautiful! Even though I've seen it in person, when I scrolled down and saw the first "After" photo, it took my breath away. The dressers look very high end, and Wally J. looks very content. You're on a roll...bring on the next post! Aren't king sized beds the bomb?

Leighcorey said...

I swear, your camera and lens could make any room look amazing. We did a good job though :)

Jamaila said...

It looks fantastic, you guys. Great inspiration - can't wait to do ours soon.

Kat said...

I LOVE it!!! The new wall color looks fantastic with the exposed brick, and I love the contrast from the trim!

I cannot believe you made that headboard- it looks stunning!!! And I love the mirror over the fireplace- when you get your map hung, it will reflect in the mirror, and you'll be doubling your art! Genius!

And it's a good thing Wally approves- if your dog doesn't like your decorating, you HAVE to redo it. It's a rule.

P.S. Our dog is jealous- she's not allowed on the bed like Wally is!!! He's a lucky boy!!!

Jen said...

WOW what a transformation! Love it!! :)

Amanda said...

wow! way to go guys! it looks amazing! and I bet the map will really make a statement. LOVE the exposed brick! excited to be working some ideas for the basement.

Erin said...

Gorgeous job! It looks soncalming and serene.

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Rachel said...

Wow- your bedroom is awesome! I stumbled on your blog when trying to look up tips on exposing brick walls. Just starting renovations on my Philly rowhome. Your entire house looks great and the blog is fun to read.

Shana Randell said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product of the bedroom!

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