Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Butterflies in my Stomach

Tomorrow the contractor begins work on the bathroom, and I've got a feeling like the first day before school. You know, that gitty expectant feeling full of hope and without a thought about the challenges ahead. That kind of feeling. We'll see how I feel about this whole experience at the end of the job, but it will be good to have a finished bathroom in a couple of weeks.

I'll be working with the contractor tomorrow to jack up the roof where one of the main joists was cut through, sistering this joist, getting all of the building materials, and maybe we'll even get to the framing and laying subfloor. Speaking of the subfloor, I was hoping to just lay another layer of subfloor over the existing 5/8" floor, but there is a lot of movement in this floor. I'm thinking about removing the current subfloor and sistering the joists before laying new subfloor. I don't want to put slate down only to have the tile crack as this would be entirely uncool.

And now time for a dirty little secret... We made a big deal about which tile we were going to use in the upstairs bathroom shower floor, and the Queen even emailed Apartment Therapy and we got a shoutout on their site. After all of the waffling we decided to go with a tub. Yeah, we're that anti-climactic. There is only one full bathroom in the house, and while we like a standing shower, we thought about resale and the extra costs associated with the fully tiled shower. It sucks being practical and maybe one day we'll regret it, but the Kohler Archer tub is on order so there's no looking back now. I do think it's looks like a pretty snazzy tub though, and with a 20% off Home Depot coupon it was a good deal.

I bought the tub without a apron to it it, as I plan to use the gray subway tile on the front edge of the tub. I think the tub will still look good, and not doing the shower allowed us to add a linen closet, separate the bathroom into two rooms, and add a couple of niches in the tub area all for the original installation price.


Liz said...

How exciting! You guys are making such great progress. Can't wait to hear how the bathroom goes!

modernemama said...

Hee, hee, thanks for the laugh - going with the tub made my day.
Good luck with the roof lift. Tip: Remember to breathe.

Summer said...

Good idea on the tub! Showers are great, but people with kids need a tub... so not having one definitely limits resale value.

Anonymous said...

Hey Corey, Jen from Chi again. I have the archer tub, and it's a great, clean look. I love it! Although we did do the apron, it's still pretty sweet. Oh, and because the overflow cover is so damn cool, in case you didn't know, you ca order it to match your other bathroom fixtures. (ie) chrome, brushed, etc.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

I have a tub/shower combo that used to have a rod where I would hang a shower curtain. Landlord decided to put in shower doors and I really don't care for them. Liked being able to change the decor with the curtains.

Corey said...

Hey Jen - good to hear the archer is a good tub, and of course I totally matched the drain with the fixtures. Chrome all the way!

Carolyn - I feel you on the curtain. I have a cool patterned one picked out, but it will be fun to be able to change it up a bit. The rest of the bathroom is quite masculine and stark, so the curtain will be a good place to inject some fun into the space.