Monday, October 20, 2008

Most productive weekend evar!

How did we go from this?

renovations 002

renovations 005

To this, in a weekend?

renovations 015

renovations 019

renovations 009

renovations 016

renovations 013

A lot of hard work by the Queen and her bro is what got it done.

The Queen and I had a three day weekend so we worked hard to get the drywall issues fixed. The drywall is laid over plaster. It was not attached to the plaster or the joists well and the mudding job was extremely poor. This took a lot of fixing to make things look ok. Sunday the Queen's bro came over to help us paint the place. It was a long day that ended at 10 pm, with the closets fully installed and the painting done.

Next up in the bedroom is some drywall fixing, laying subfloor and the teak. Things like doors and trim are luxuries we may not have time for in the near future, seeing as the contractor starts work on the bathroom this week. For part of the bathroom work I'll be working with the contractor, so we haven't completely let go of our DIY roots, but with a single full bathroom we need to work quickly to get a shower back online quickly.


Patrick said...

Looks great, I hope there comes a weekend when I can get that much done in one shot.

Corey said...

Hopefully you have some helpful friends and family. It's the only way to get a lot of work done quickly. That or cut out your day job and sleep entirely.

Carolyn (Harbor Hon) said...

Ha ha! Wally looks like he's text messaging friends to come and help. You got so much done in just a short time. Really impressed!