Friday, February 29, 2008

The 8 Commandments

During renovations Beancountingqueen and I have been dreaming of greener pastures, a.k.a. a place with a lawn. We peer at house listings longingly, emailing ideas back and forth. During this I have solidified things I want in the next home. I bring to you...

The 8 Commandments of the Future House

The Queen said the above list severely limits our option. I'm ok with this. If the cottage is still around, and has dropped in price quite a bit then we can consider it. If not, my house will be pretty cool by the time it's done. We're also on the lookout for other options, as more and more houses are sitting on the market.

In the meantime there are many things to do to the rowhouse, like some built in bookshelves and the like, so there is plenty of time to experiment. Before my house in in sellable condition is probably 3-4 months of work ahead, so there is plenty of time, but if anybody knows of a chemical I can sprinkle on the cement in the back yard to make it sprout a lawn please let me know. This could hold us over for a while.


Anonymous said...

You forgot 9th commandment - FIREPLACE!

momnipotent said...

We’ve lived in seven states and too many different trailers, apartments and houses to count. We’ve learned that these are the really important things for a house.

The ELEVEN Mommandments of a House

1. Thou shalt have no snow or ice unless it’s in a cube form in a gin and tonic.
2. Thou shalt have no pets unless they run on batteries.
3. Thou shalt have His and Hers offices, and Hers shall be bigger.
4. Thou shalt have no kitchen…nuf said.
5. Thou shalt be near many good restaurants (See #4 above)
6. Thou shalt have extremely high speed internet, Tivo, and a good cellphone signal.
7. Thou shalt have servants quarters with qualified occupants.
8. Thou shalt have a gardener who likes to mulch, weed and prune. If not, Astroturf and concrete are fine.
9. Thou shalt be close to a Wegman’s grocery store. On second thought, see #4 above.
10. Thou shalt have a 3 car garage with a workshop. No snowblower or lawnmower please. (See #1 and #8 above)
11. Thou shalt be a new house. No previous owner’s leftover stank.

Dadolescent’s Myers-Briggs is INTJ – Mastermind (“competence + independence = perfection”). I am ESFJ – Provider (“What can I do for you”) but I’m in the process of changing my personality…to “What can you do for me?”

Found a good renovation blog called “How to Renovate a Baltimore Rowhouse” at Check it out.

See you bright and early Saturday morning at the Baltimore Rowhouse, I mean sweatshop.

Valerie said...

I always thought of Leely as more princess than queen. But I'm getting used to her highness' new title.

JB said...

Thou shalt use me as your real estate agent.

Seriously though, who wants to mow a lawn?

And, there are some seriously large row houses in Baltimore. Not all of them are small.

drury said...

Are you still looking for that future house? We're looking to sell and our place fits a lot of your commandments.