Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prelim Bathroom Designs w/ Ikea & SketchUp

Here is what I put together the other night using Google SketchUp and Ikea's Kitchen Planner. To kick things off, a view to get an idea of the shape and size of the space. (Made in SketchUp)

sketchup double vanity

The room is 14' long, by 5'10" wide, and has a roughly 9' ceiling. If it were 6" wide it would make things easier, but alas it isn't. The vanity and tub placement is roughly as shown in the picture below. There currently isn't any fancy tile, pretty wood vanity, or round mirror in the place, so the room is just blah. Big, but blah. The door into the room is in the middle foreground of the pic.

I then started looking at different ikea cabinet options to see how a single or double vanity would work in the space, as well as checking out how a small linen closet would look.


ikea - single vanity

ikea - double vanity

Unfortuntely, at the time I made these pics I put in room dimensions of 6' wide, so the things shown don't fit so nicely... Based on these views, I'm not sure the double vanity works for the space, provided I keep the same configuration utilizing a single room. So, that leads me to the next iteration....

How about seperating the toilet/shower space from the vanity?

sketchup two room
(Oops - I put the current placement of the toilet only in the last pic only.)

This way either a single or double vanity would fit the space better as they run along the longest wall of the room, instead of feeling like it was way on the other side of the room on the short wall. Also, by changing the door layout and using two pocket doors it makes traffic flow through the area much better. I'm not sold on whether to use a single or double vanity, but the space now allows a place to put a small bench in the bathroom. If a double vanity were used I'm not sure the bench would fit, but I kind of like the look of it in the room... This layout requires some extra doors and framing, but it would require minimum in the way of plumbing and electrical and keeping me in budget. :)


20 boxes of subway tile, 8 boxes of bullnose and base trim later I am home. I was scheduled to go on business travel today, but since my flight was canceled his am I canceled my trip, stayed at the home office, and cut out of work a bit early to drive to Jersey. Long day, but definitely worth it to get $10 a sq ft tile for less than a $1 a sq ft.


Anonymous said...

What about the idea of having an l-shaped cabinets / vanity?

Corey said...

It doesn't fit well. It creates an unsable corner, and with cabinets in an L shape you lose about 2' in length on the main cabinet. When using the L you are forced to go single vanity on that main wall - when you do that, visually you'd want the vanity more centerered, but with an L you would have to place it further to the left.

Also, with an L two people wouldn't be able to be in there at the same time anyways as they would be bumping into each other back to back. It mushes the room in a bit much...

Anonymous said...

But L stands for Leigh! :)

I see what you're saying. Also, Happy Valentine's Day, BlogBoy!

Valerie said...

What about a V-shaped config?


Corey said...


We have decided to use your concept. We now require your design expertise to make it work. Please report to duty at the Baltimore Rowhouse, stat.


The Management,
aka Corey & Leigh

Valerie said...

omg you've done the right thing.

I'll have your giant purple vertical V installed in no time!

Anonymous said...

Purple? Val, I didn't know you were a Ravens fan!

Anonymous said...

I guess it would make remodeling easier if the bathroom were only 6" wide (less materials, less money, etc) however, most women like more than 6" (wink wink) so i suggest you reconsider. :)


Corey said...

Oops, should have had an extra "r" at the end of wide. Doh!

Anonymous said...

hehe I'm just messing with you. Your place looks amazing! I can't beleive you are doing all that by yourself.. (And by yourself, i mean, with the help of the wonderful Dowdle family!) I was telling Leigh i have always loved DIY type projects. I love shows like Flip that House and would love to do something like that, but just don't have the courage you do. haha :) -Kelly