Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gray Subway Tile & Design Software

It looks as if I may jump the gun and get the 3x6" gray subway tiles. After looking online for subway tiles I found prices to be at least around $8 a sq ft, and that is before shipping. Leigh looked on craigslist and found someone selling 20 boxes of 3x6" tile for $1.80 a sq ft. Here are some specs,

Sold: 1 Box
Pieces Per: 100 Piece
Avg. Waste Factor: 10
Shipping Weight: 36 lbs.
Coverage: 12.5 S/FT
Length: 6 Inch
Width: 3 Inch
Thickness: 0.313 Inch
Color Family: Gray
Shade: Medium
Surface Type: High Gloss
Design: Rectangle
Composition: Ceramic
Edges: Straight
Wear Rating: N/A
Installation: Thin-Set
Usage: Commercial; Residential

Seeing as this could save me oodles of money (while costing me a drive to NJ) I think it may be worth it. The use of gray will definitely require some accents for color, but the price is right.


I also downloaded Google SketchUp and Ikea's Kitchen Planner.

I measured the upstairs bathroom last night, made a model of the room in SketchUp and started playing with some designs. The program takes some getting used to, but it's not too terribly different from AutoCAD so I'm fumbling my way through it. Once I import some cabinet designs from their library I can really start to model the room right. For now, I am just using 3D blocks to represent the major items (cabinets, shower & toilet).

I wanted to use the Ikea bathroom planner, except for the minor glitch that it doesn't exist. The kitchen planner will work, and I think I may just go with kitchen cabinets in the bathroom since they have a higher counter height. I wish I could see how Ikea's Hollviken sink would look in the space.

Some things I am considering in the design are single vanities, double vanities, various closet organizers, as well as breaking the bathroom into two rooms to seperate the sink from the shower/toilet room. I'll upload pictures of design ideas as they become available.

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