Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kitchen Update

Since I've been blathering about other houses, financing, and painted kitties it's time for pictures of the kitchen. Let's start out with a shot of the glass breakfast bar cabinets, and the new triple-pendant light fixture. Ooooooooh! Aaaaaaaah!


A wee bit closer of a view of the kitchen, showing off Leigh't trim taping job and the newly installed handles on the cabinets - much better than the tape we used to open the doors before. My mother (and others) wanted me to get knobs for the uppers. I disagreed. Knobs are for wimps. Also notice the angle moulding atop the cabinets. It's money.


This is a picture of a normal productive human doing real work, taken by a sub-humanoid not doing real work. And peep the wall color. It is 'Pepper Grass' by Behr, which matches the green in the glass mosaic tile backsplash. The green paint is only on the back wall of the house with the walls on the right side of the kitchen painted 'Sterling', a whitish gray color. We also painted the bathroom Sterling.


Well, hello there Mr. Vanity!


Future updates will be cover the glass tile install, foyer, and bathroom progress.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Who you callin Sub-humanoid?

Corey said...

Silence, bottom-feeder!

Wanderluster said...

Looks great so far. Love the green paint!

Anonymous said...

Love the green color ... one could almost call it peridot! How does your friend Sterling like the paint color (whitish gray)?

Valerie said...

Guys, that green is bangin. And the lighting!!! I kind of avoided your kitchen before but now I want to spread out and spend time in it. It seriously looks like a whole different house.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right! I would definitely call it peridot!

p.s. Corey, my parents' blog names are WAY better than your parents'.

momnipotent said...

OOOhhh and AAAAHHHhhhh is right. Love the green, the angle moulding, the cabinet handles, the light and the vanity. Great job! I hope you have re-thunk the red idea though. I would vote against it.
The cottage is so cute, right out of a Kincaid painting like Valerie said. I'm ready to see the backsplash...get busy!
Momnipotent has spoken.

Patrick said...

Glad to see the Patty Boh wing coming along great!

Mike said...

Anybody who calls moulding "Money" gets a star in my book! Glad to have found your blog. The kitchen looks great. Time for me to catch up.