Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Craigslist Rules

Guess who gets to spend a 6 hour roundtrip drive on Valentine's day to NJ for tile? This guy! I normally wouldn't be so excited, but the opportunity to save over a $1000 gets me all fired up. It's debatable that the bathroom could look better with a more colorful tile, but being able to do all my wall tile, including around the vanity, shower & maybe the walls for $350 (the guy lowered the price) is a pretty sweet deal.

I'll probably just spend this money to upgrade something else, but this will just make the space look that much better.

P.S. Good thing Leigh is away for work on V-Day, or I think she would kill me.


momnipotent said...

I'm all about saving money, so...I love the gray! I'm sure you can find a way to warm it up with some other color, texture or material.
Did you consider having the seller ship the tile to you? There must be some way to do it safely and cost effectively. 15 years ago we had a whole houseful of carpeting trucked from Georgia to Illinois for $130.

Fred said...

I love craigslist... just gave away two things on their free section. Nice on finding tile for cheap - I like CL for tools. Anyhow, found your site on houseblogs.net. Will continue to drop by.

One Project Closer

Summer said...

I just spent the weekend who did her bathroom tile in gray. Her walls are teal and she has orange accents. It looks REALLY good. So you can put your color in the walls and accent if you want, and when you get tired of it, it is a lot easier to change.

Summer said...

that should say "with a friend"... I got too excited.

Corey said...


I am definitely on the lookout for some accent pieces. I am thinking about paints and accent tiles, but may just spice things up with vases, pictures, and things that can easily be swapped out. Good thing I have time to figure all of that out.